cover letter musings (not sent)

Why is the work we do important? I ask this of myself on a daily basis; constantly wondering in what ways I can better myself, better the emotions and the experiences of those around me. I feel (I hope) this is a question many of us frequently ask of ourselves. It is this hunger for improvement that drives our focus.

How do we retain focus on our task at hand? We are past the time of digital revolutions and are baked in the science and retribution, the consequences of, such digital prowess. The cognition of the masses are falling into a strong current, effortlessly swaying with the change in temperature of our fellow persons.

What do we do with our time? Remotely working; remotely retaining relationships; remotely building relationships; remotely distant from all other people. Where does the time go, when all our time is spent in a single space, a space in which we extend our consciousness to be, synthetically, with others. A time in which buying groceries is the event, and experiencing something fun, something adventurous, is taboo.

How do we extend ourselves to one another, to create humanely empathic products? Whether work lies in the foreground, or the background, it all affects a person at the end of a production line. We aren’t simply cogs in a machine, we are a collective body of designers, engineers, product managers, laser focused on friction across someone’s journey. We are problem solving along the way to ease, facilitate, and hopefully gain the reaction of a simple, effortless smile.

I’ve been writing various forms of creative word for about 20 years; but seldom in the public forum

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