i sit here in flight to Paris, a destination unknown to me. That is, in a historical sense, I have never been. and yet here I am — in the active state of moving to Basel, Switzerland.

“Are you swiss?,” an attendant asks of me. “No,” Swiss I am not.

To a new destination I travel. A life unknown. Space to explore. Time to fund inspiration; emptiness to fill with learning.

And at the same time – we sit here during a pandemic. Covid-19 has ripped across continents; as if it had not a care in the world outside of the total and utter destruction of health, sanity, economics, and the god damn basic human connection.

Never before have two of the existing generations experienced something of this magnitude.

image out a balcony onto the backyards of swiss homes in basel
image out a balcony onto the backyards of swiss homes in basel

As a lower-case american, it is depressing. It is disappointing, to live within, and be affected by, an incompetent leadership that blatantly negates scientific truth s— And rather than taking heed of the current environment to strengthen american ties abroad, in a unified and empathetic manner, our “leadership” has instead created divide. Internal and external divide.

We have left the Paris agreement and have pulled all financial backing from the WHO! That is the World Health Organization. World. Health.

These actions are unfathomably unjust.

But, we must elevate ourselves. As a great friend, the late bob cross, would say, “get elevated.” And so we must elevate ourselves; rise above the insecurities of others. Unite in love and respect for the greater good of human culture. Push forward. Fight. Love. Grow.

And so I sit here on this adventure to find what is out there. It is time to escape american ignorance and find global unity.

I’ve been writing various forms of creative word for about 20 years; but seldom in the public forum

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