location: Chattanooga, Mean Mug, North Shore.

Today is our last day in Chattanooga, Tennessee anbd we are sitting on a rainy morning at a good cafe with a blueberry muffin and a vegan frittatta….Both are excellent.

Chattanooga, Where are you? I found your mountains, hiked your trails, saw where you water falls and gandered and climbed your expansive bluffs…But your city, where is your city?

You feel like a front, a mask, as though a drape has been pulled over your face, and not a veil. Open up for me…expose your southern roots, establish your southern charm. IR has it been overshadowed, enveloped by Nashville, the Bigger more established Tennessee City?

Chattanooga, I want to love you, for adventure and urban, for intimacy between dweller and street. But I believe you are solely a mask on a wall.

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